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Types of sex toys

Sexy Couple

Sex toys are a great way to spicing things up in the bedroom, it’s easier and dare we say even better. Whether you are with your significant other, trying out sex for the first time or you know just want to get it on alone, it does not have to be a blur but can be a mind blowing orgasmic moment. There is always a special sex toy for everyone to pick from, depending on your level of freaky.

Sex toys for ladies

Rabbit Style Vibrators Make Great First Toys

A pro or just starting off, shopping for that perfect sex toy, you gotta know what you need to hit the G spot right, external clit stimulation? Internal stimulation with girth, length or both or you just want something versatile, to get the job done. We have a ton of options for you, ranging from our vibrating eggs, vibrators with clit stims, G-spot vibrators, orgasm balls and much more.

Sex toys for Men

Penis Pumps Are Great For Enhancing Play Time

Ready to get that longer and fuller erection, making your penis extra sensitive? We’ve got you. And there are types that gives both you and your partner that fulfilling sensation. Here’s a few fleshlight ranges, masturbators, vibrating vaginas, love ring vibrators.

Anal Range

Butt plugs are great for exploring your rear!

What better way to get that amazing feeling of fullness and an unexplainable sensation of pleasure. The Anal beads give a bloop sensation and the butt plugs are desirable for stimulating the rings of the nerves around the anus. Other anal ranges include: prostate massagers, vibrating butt plugs and much more.

Wand Massagers and Attachments

Wands come in many sizes

Non vibrating wands are a smart choice for those who have discomfort or pain during penetration, they go in smoothly and are best for those who love gradual and slower dilation. Some options for use are:Bodywand aqua silicone massager waterproof, Eden wand massager, dorcel good rechargeable mega wand and others.


Every one should have a dildo or two in their collection

These are common and a major must have. It is great for penile penetration. They vary in size. It can be 2 inches, 3 inches, or it could be monster sized, depending on what you can handle. If you enjoy the feeling of fullness in the vagina, anus or just love penetration, then dildos are what you have been searching for.. We have penis dildos, mould your own kit, realistic dildos, squirting dildos and so much more.

Sex kits

Get everything you need for a wild night in one go!

Depending on your kink, freak level and taste in the bedroom, the sex kit has everything you need for that pleasure. And even better, we offer goodies for you and your partner to explore and become more intimate. So even if you want to recreate that 50 shades kinda mood, we got chu. The dirty dozen sex toy kit, bedside companion vibrator set, amazing pleasure sex toy kit and much more are available.


Life they say is too short to be lived in a boring way, so why don’t you explore it all, especially in the bedroom. They are a lot of sexual positions and a lot of sex toys, made just for your preference, so why don’t you try them out and unlock a world of undeniable pleasures.

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