Sex and Mischief Pearl Day Collar


Introducing the Pearl Day Collar by Sex and Mischief, the ultimate symbol of submissive luxury. With its opulent faux pearls and elegant gold chain, this collar exudes sophistication and decadence, while the lock and key represent your devotion to your partner. Whether worn as a collar or transformed into a discreet bracelet, this adjustable piece allows for a perfect fit, enabling you to embrace the power dynamics of dominance and submission in style.

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Indulge in the ultimate submissive luxury with the Pearl Day Collar by Sex and Mischief. With its exquisite design and alluring features, this collar will transport you to a world of pleasure and obedience.

Immerse yourself in the opulent allure of illustrious faux pearls, elegantly draping around your neck. The stunning gold chain adds a touch of sophistication and decadence, making you feel like you’re living the highlife of submission.

But this collar isn’t just for show. It comes complete with a mysterious lock and key, symbolizing your belonging to your partner. Give yourself to them completely, embracing the thrilling power dynamics of dominance and submission.

Want to keep your submission a secret, even in everyday situations? The Pearl Day Collar is discretely designed, allowing you to wrap the pearls around your wrist and use the lock and key to transform it into a captivating bracelet. Extend your submission beyond the bedroom and into your everyday wear, reminding you of your connection to your partner at all times.

The adjustable length of the collar ensures a perfect fit, whether you prefer a tight or loose sensation. With a range of 9 inches to 20 inches, you can customize the collar to suit your desires, ensuring both comfort and allure.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the Pearl Day Collar is made from a combination of materials. The faux pearls exude elegance, the iron provides durability, and the zinc alloy and ABS bring a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Included in the package is one metal and faux pearl necklace strand, one metal lock, and one metal key. Everything you need to embrace the world of submissive luxury is at your fingertips.

Open yourself up to a new level of pleasure, power, and connection with the Pearl Day Collar. Let it be a reminder of your submission and devotion, transcending beyond the physical and delving deep into the realms of pleasure and surrender.

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Sex and Mischief Pearl Day Collar
Original price was: £39.99.Current price is: £30.99.

Availability: In stock

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