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Penis Pumps: The Complete Guide

Penis pumps can add a new level to your play time. Useful bringing new sensation to your bedroom, and also may help with erectile dysfunction. They are said to be able to increase the size of your penis, if only for a while.

How Penis Pumps Work

A penis pump creates a vacuum around the penis. Which in turn encourages blood flow into the penis. As the penis becomes engorged, the erectile tissue expands, giving your a stronger erection.

If you use your pump regularly, you could see growth of up to 30%. Make sure you use your pump every couple of days to encourage good results.

Are There Any Risks?

Under normal conditions, using a penis pump is completely safe. If you find it hurts, stop using it immediately. The sensation is strange, which is normal, but should not cause great pain. Do not use the pump for really long periods of time, the extra pressure of the blood vessels can cause damage. You can use your pump often, but it is important to let the blood vessels relax between uses. Thank it it link exercise for your penis! e

How To Use A Penis Pump

Generally, you’ll start with a semi or fully erect penis.

Insert your penis into the opening at the bottom. Push the pump as far down as it will go so that a good seal is made against your body. Add a little lube to help.

Use the control to remove air from the penis pump. Make sure the release valve is closed. Don’t rush, this may feel strange, take time to adjust to the feeling, and to let the blood flow into your penis.

Pay attention to your penis, if your spot any discolouration or strange bulging, release the pressure.

Once your penis is fully erect, slip off the pump. If you want your erection to last longer, put a cock ring on before your pump.

Can You Do Anything Else With A Penis Pump?

Don’t forget, thay are also fun toys in their own right. Vibrating pumps provide extra stimulation that you’ll find fun. Don’t forget that they also make great additions to your BDSM toy bag!

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