Men’s Sex Toys! That Can Help in ED

If you’re noticing some performance or erectile issues in the bedroom, don’t need to be embarrassed; you’re not alone, this is a fairly common condition. More than a 4.3 million men are affected by ED in the UK only. But when comes to treatment, nearly everyone avoids an awkward conversation with the healthcare provider.

Whereas men’s sex toys are something easily available and can be a great solution that helps in erectile dysfunction. Sex toys may have some limited benefits when it comes to treating ED but they have far fewer cons than other treatments.

Erection Dysfunction

Before getting into the science of sex toys, it’s important to understand what erectile dysfunction is., CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

ED is a condition in which you’re unable to get an adequate firm erection for satisfactory intercourse. It happens when the blood flow doesn’t increase to the penis or is trapped adequately to keep an erection. Many other factors also exist including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, anxiety, cholesterol, and excessive alcohol consumption that causes ED.

Many healthcare providers may recommend medications or surgeries but it may lead you toward higher risks. Comparatively maintaining a healthier lifestyle and men’s sex toys are work pretty well in ED.

Sex Toys for ED

You may wonder why & how men’s sex toys are better than pills. Guys, pills can have significant side effects, particularly when you’re taking some other medications.

Sex toys provide a less-invasive and non-prescription option that is less embarrassing to acquire. You don’t need to talk to a consultant before getting Penis Pump, Cock ring, or Male vibrator.

Let’s review some anecdotal benefits of Men’s sex toys; what they claim to do.

The Major Players in Sex Toys for ED


Penis pumps are also known as ED pumps and vacuum erection devices. Of course penis pumps are an attractive option for many reasons, these are inexpensive, noninvasive and most importantly they can be used with other treatments.

For spicing up things in the bedroom, you need to place a penis pump over the penis that removes the air from the tube and creates suction which brings blood into the penis vessels.

A constriction ring is also placed at the base of the penis to trap the blood to maintain the erection prolonged. Penis pumps are not only used for ED, but it also helps you in enhancing girth with fewer efforts.


A Penis sleeve is a hollow, penis-shaped men’s sex toy. It comes in diverse kind of shapes, sizes, and types. The idea of designing this is, if your partner is looking for something more firm and girthy, this can enhance length, girth and make sex more penetrative and pleasurable. Its realistic design can also add vibration and texture that make your penis better for your partner and helps to have a better experience.

When comes to its effectiveness for ED, some researches show promising effectiveness for ED treatment.

A study published in 2017 mentioned penis sleeves as a better option who would like penetrative sex with ED.

Another scientific review stated in 2019, penis sleeve devices can help in penetrative sex with your significant. Meanwhile, some factors are involved such as shape, thickness, and fitting.


Cock rings work similar way to penis sleeve. It’s a ring shaped device and you wear around base of penis to enhance erection longer. Cock ring applies pressure near base of penis and slows down flow of blood out to maintain or prevent an erection for sexual pleasure during intercourse.


Male vibrator toys are designed to stimulate pelvis area and penis to get pleasure. When it used with penis sleeves, vibrator adds stimulation for both and enhanced the pleasure. Unfortunately there’s no study about male vibrators are effective in erectile dysfunction but they have certain efficacy in some areas of sexual dysfunction.


Men’s Sex toys are the great way to bring happiness back in your sexual life. Whether you’re facing erectile dysfunction or either you’re looking to try out something new with your significant one or alone; men’s sex toys give you and your partner exceptional intimacy and sensation. You can find diverse kind of sex toys i.e. masturbators, vibrators, cock rings, penis sleeves, vaginas and penis pumps at Full Trouble.

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