How to pick out your first sex toy

Getting your very first sex toy can be intimidating, but now that the ideology sex toys are for lonely and single ladies have been banished, you can now shop for your sex toy without having to worry about what others think, there is so much openness and broad understanding about using them. Sex toys are specifically designed to give you pleasure, get more orgasms, help you relax and get rid of stress. The benefits of sex toys are endless, lowering stress levels, making you happier and for ladies that experience menstrual cramps it helps to ease the pain.

Picking your first sex toy.

Know your body:

Picking the perfect sex toy is all about knowing the area of your body that you would love to get stimulated. For any part you can think of, there is a range for you to choose from. If you love penetration and an internal massage, then you would be better off getting a dildo, butt plugs or anal beads. If you want the feeling of satisfaction all over your body, then you would want to go for a vibrator and if you are all about mystery and adventure with your partner, you could go for handcuffs. It all boils down to what your body needs for satisfaction and what you can handle in the bedroom.

Pick out the right materials:

Doing your own research is important, especially about the materials that you would be putting inside of you. There are some materials that have been accepted as safe by sex educators that can be put inside of you.

100% silicone: this has been made approved by the FDA and it passes all the body safe tests. It can also be used for menstrual cups.

Wood: picking a sex toy with a wood finishing that is of medical grade is advisable.

Ceramic: ceramic products that are glazed are usually non porous, so this is good for your insides.

 Aluminum: always be sure you are getting a safe metal sex toy.

ABS plastic: this is recommended because it is stable and will not release toxins into your body.

 Borosilicate glass: this can withstand any temperature and stress and it will not crack, so you can go crazy!

 Stainless steel: look out for the medical grade that is non porous and durable for use. 

Get a Lube

Getting a lubricant cannot be over emphasised, you really do not want to hurt yourself while trying to have a good time, besides it makes it so much more pleasurable. There are a lot of lube choices. A rule of thumb when selecting a lube; a silicone based lube does not go with silicone toys, an oil based lube will not go with a latex condom, if follow this, you should be well on your way to having a good time.  


The trick to getting the best sex toy, is knowing what area you get the best pleasures off and work your way up. There are so many brands and ranges to select from, but be sure to look out for reviews and know your limits.

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