How to: Get started with Electro Sex

It can seems really scary at first, the term electro sex. Let’s start right off, that we are not talking about inserting things into sockets. We are talking about TENS units. Electro sex can range for excitingly tingly, all the way up to excruciatingly painful, the choice is all yours.

As with every thing else electronic, there are as many options are they are ice-cream flavours.

You need two basic things to get started with electro play. A control box, and some electrodes. Of course, you can have a huge collection of electro sex toys and accessories!

Control Box

The control box allows you control the power, intensity and pattern of the electrics. With some of the fancier devices are wireless, and can be controlled with phones or from audio sources.


The electrodes is the fun end of your electro sex toy. These apply the signal coming from your control box to the body. At their most basic, these are disposable gel pads that are attached in pair to almost any part of the body. The electric current flowing between pairs of pads provides a pleasant tingling sensation. And can be turned up to contract muscles, stimulate nerves and have all sorts of fun effects.

Whilst the gel electrodes are great fun, a wide range of special probes and electrodes are available, for many parts of the body. From the head of the penis, to the urethra, and shaft, the balls, and the butt are all fair game for probes. But the meat and 2 veg don’t get all the fun, with dildos, breast cups, and of course the ever popular nipple clamps available, you are not short of choice.

For those of you looking to connect a little more, gloves can provides a delightfully tingly touch to inject a little electricity into any play time.

More Options

Of course, if you are starting out, you might not want a huge box with wires trailing from it. No worries, we have you covered. Our range of self contained electro sex devices are great for your first time. We even have wireless options, so you can have a huge complex setup, without the birds nest of wires to pack away once the fun of over.

Check out our full range of Electro Stimulation gear now, and choose your favourite.

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