How to: Choose Lube

We have come a long way from just having to use crisco as lube to get the job done

First up, let’s get the basics out of the way, not all lubes are created equal, but some are more equal than others. 

Most lubes fall into a category based upon its base, be it water, oil, silicon, or something more exotic.

Water Based Lubes

Water based lube is the most common type you will find. It is safe for use with condoms, is generally easy to clean up, and can be long lasting. When the lube does fade, you can liven in up again with a splash of water, and carry on using it.

Silicone Lubes

Silicone generally lasts much longer than products based on water. Beware that silicone can stain fabric more easily. Silicone based toys should not be used with silicone based lubricants, as it will break down those. Because silicone products does not so easily wash away, they are a great additions to shower sexy times.

Oil Based Lubes

Oil based lubes also last a long time, but cannot be used with condoms – they will cause condoms to break, which is a bad thing! We find that oils are great for massage use, and for masturbation. One thing to be aware of is that oil is much harder to wash away, so don’t let it get on your favourite bed sheets.


Finally, there are the old classics, such as crisco. Vegetable based products have the advantage of being plant based and able to be broken down by the body.

Some lubes have additives to help with specific uses cases as well. A prime example is Fist it Anal Relaxer, which has a relaxation agent built in, which could help released tight muscles and make anal play easier (Or enable bigger toys – check out out anal play guide for more info). We even stock vegan personal lubricant, so not matter what your preference, we have the lube for you.

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