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Get Started With Your First Butt Plug


When you add a butt plug to your play, you will add a new dimension to your experience. Butt plugs affect the muscles down in your pelvic floor, and can enhance orgasm by giving the muscles something to grip onto during climax. For many people, anal play can be daunting, but we are here to guide you as you explore the amazing sensations you can have.

How your butt works

The anus has a muscle that helps keep things in, this sphincter is what stops poops falling out when you don’t want them to. This muscle is the key to the joy of butt plugs. By adding something to push against it, you stimulate the nerve endings around your anus, and provide something for the muscle to contract around, which can enhance your orgasm.

What happens when you orgasm

During orgasm, your pelvic muscle contract. This feel pleasurable, and anything we can do to make those feelings stronger with result in a stronger feeling orgasm. As well as putting pressure on the pleasure points in your anus, a butt plug gives the muscles something to grip onto then they contract. This makes the feeling stronger, which gives you amazing orgasms.

What to look for In A Butt Plug


When picking your first butt plug, you want to look out for a couple of things, first up is size. If you are just beginning your anal journey, then you will find your muscles are not very stretchy. Regular practice will make them stronger and suppler. But to begin with, you should start small. There is a risk of pain if you go too big too fast, and no one wants a pain in the arse! Look for a narrow neck, and this is the part that is held by the sphincter, and a wide neck will stretch the muscle a lot.

The body size is a little more complicated. Some people like a large body, that gives them a feeling of fullness. Just remember, that you still have to get that largeness inside you. Others prefer a more narrow body. Finally there is the length. Most plugs are about the same length, but you can get some extra long or short ones. Again, you need to experiment. All bodies are different, and so we stock many different plugs for you to choose from.

The Base

The next thing to look at is the base. All butt plugs have a flared base that prevent the plug going up into the rectum. Never use a toy without a flared base for anal play. Unlike a vagina, the rectum is not design to have things inserted into it, it is easier than many people know for toys to end up too far up, and need professional help to remove. Do not take that risk, and use proper toys!

The base of the plug may be round, and it may be more oval shaped. Depending on the shape of your body, one or the other may for more comfortable. We find more oval bases work with more bums, simply due to the fact that they are able to get into the crack, and press more on the anus, which stimulate more of those awesome nerve endings.

Cleaning Your Butt Plug

Once you have had your fun, it is important that all toys are throughly cleaned. Specialist toys cleaners will make short work of it for you. Remember, no matter how much preparation you have done, there will always be a little mess. We advise using condoms on toys to make cleanup easier. But even covered toys need to be cleaned properly.

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